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please forgive me for always ruining everyones fun I CANT TELL WHEN YOU GUYS ARE JOKING SOMETIMES


for nitroman and everyone-knows-its-shirou



sorry about all of that earlier. I’m not usually a nasty person like that and i try to keep my opinions to myself, especially if I can’t explain myself in a coherent way that doesn’t involve a lot of swearing

it just really gets to me to see things like that made out to be some novelty or trend by people who literally have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about

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I think our old Honey did it kinda interestingly, but otherwise yeah, it’s not really something that works with robits

Well our ex honey actually had a reason in explaining that it was in the programming to be that way, so yes it made sense! 

people with trans robot master headcanons confuse me?

robots are literally built and programmed to be how their maker designs. I mean, they do have the ability to make their own choices to a degree yes. But technically in order for them to be trans they’d either have to be something like A) broken, B) PROGRAMMED to want to switch their ‘gender’, which tbh is fucking immoral and stupid. “I WANT MY ROBOT TO CHOOSE ITS OWN GENDER SO I’LL MAKE IT A MALE SHAPED ROBOT AND CAUSE THEM TO POTENTIALLY SUFFER UNTIL IT’S CHANGED”, or C) Hiiiiighly advanced AI

furthermore if you think robot masters like jewel star or plant should be girls or trans just because they like stars or gardening or jewelry, FUCK you, you stereotyping fuck. Men can wear pink, garden, be into jewelry, men can like stars and be “pretty” without having to be trans

all you need to know about nitros maker is that he is essentially this guy

robots x soccer otp

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I always go under the notion that dates of events are flexible unless they can’t be.

Tbh that’s what I do fsjkfhdfg Tumblr RP sort of makes anything else not a possibility, especially when so many folks have different rping preferences!


seeing a lot of people suddenly confused about the current AMR timeline so I think I should probably clear a few things up: AMR has always, ALWAYS, run on a “loosely-real-time” timeline. People can rp past events if they’d like, but they should mention so in the title or in the tags somewhere “this is happening in the past”because when we rp past stuff without mentioning it’s in the past, it messes up CURRENT events and confuses people. This is a huge downside of tumblr based rp.

Sometimes threads run a little long because everyone’s got lives and stuff to tend to, but nobody really wants to be stuck rping halloween rps on easter, so if it doesnt specifically mention in the tags or title that its a’past’ rp or “happened before the ___ event” its usually safe to assume that it’s a “Current time” rp

as for Elec, I’m not ADAMANT that he was kidnapped in February in specific, so if nobody else has issues, i’ve got no issues just saying it happened more recently to keep it in current time and relevant to whats going on.

If you’ve got questions feel free to go to your mods and ask rather than just not posting because you’re confused!

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check out this newb