maker why


when you build a character with the intent of them behaving  a certain way and they’re like ‘nah’ and do their own thing 

con-cretin replied to your post: i want 9 gen cuddle pile..

you get NOTHING

haisi is bullying meeeeeeee

i want 9 gen cuddle pile..

shin: are we gonna have a straight ship?
char: that'd be weird
shin: oh my god its like a unicorn


Usually after a few seconds, Miis being all lovey-dovey notice you and act startled like Knight and Splash did. Jewel and Top, however, barely even seemed to be acknowledging anything around them. :0

This is strangely ic for what Jewel would be like in a relationship though hahhah ghh cute


Jewel’s Bad Hair Day

new haircanon

rolling-cutter replied to your post: I was bored so I did the myers br…

I can never find that test actually

i just did this one here

why would someone copy my Clown rp blog sidebar info and some of my posts exactly for their clown rp blog though

I was bored so I did the myers briggs personality test thing for a few of my robots

Jewel got ENFJ, Elec got ISTJ, Clown got ESFP